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Designed Projects: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape, Infrastructure Projects And Acoustic Calculations

Project Stages: Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings & Details

Client: Private Sector

Within the scope of Mountain Hotel Project; the hotel main building, multi-purpose hall building, spa center, 14 two-storey suite villa buildings (suite type 1, suite type 2), 3 two-storey villas (type 1), 1 two-storey villas (type 2), garage building, entertainment center and landscaping areas were designed.

A mountain hotel and spa complex in touch with the nature within the vineyards in the city of Shamakhi, Azerbaijan.

With an approach that respects the natural area and uses the sloping land as a design criterion, the entire land is divided into certain main regions according to various functions. Entrance, main building area, villas area, car museum, sports areas, children's entertainment areas and ecological areas, highways and ring lines that connect all these areas are planned on the whole land.

In the center of the land, there is the main building of the hotel, which is designed structurally connected with each other using elevation connections, a multi-purpose hall building that can host conferences and various events, and a spa center for the guests of the complex. In addition to the main mass, there are also suit villa types located on the sloping land. With the sports complex and ecological areas located in the north of the area, the entertainment center created for children, and various activity areas created in the forest, the whole complex is aimed to become a living center.


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Construction Area: 52.448,52 M² Parcel Area: 514.619,556 M²

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