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Project Stages: Concept Design

Client: Istanbul Kiptas

Kiptas central business area (MIA) is an urban development project consisting of different function islands. The project consists of 10 function islands. These islands consist of city square, mixed use, public use, accommodation, office, sports, market, activity square, public housing. Ponds and bridges have been designed to connect the islands with each other.

Basaksehir Central Business Area (MIA) land has a structure that slopes inwards from the outer borders. With this structure, it resembles a bowl. There are elevation differences approaching 40 meters between the highest and lowest sections.

In the use of the project area, the southern regions of the land were generally used for collective housing, eastern regions for mixed-use, western regions for mixed use and special project areas, and northern regions for mixed use. The sections in the middle of the land and at the lowest level were also used to include recreation areas, trade and private project areas.

The suitable slope of the land has provided a great visual contribution to the surroundings of the recreation area, allowing for the construction of a pond (approximately 50.000 m²) that will accommodate various activities and can also be used for transportation. In the general design setup, dense green areas are prioritized in residential areas and recreation areas.

Vehicle transportation and public transportation within the MIA land will be provided by main road lines to create a service within the 30 meters wide field.

In order to prevent the main road line passing through the recreation area from intersecting with the pedestrian and vehicle circulation, the vehicle roads were taken under the ground and the continuity of the pedestrian roads, recreation areas and the pond area, which is one of the most eye-catching elements of the design, was ensured.

Bicycle paths are positioned at the edge of all vehicle roads within the project area, and all buildings and recreation areas in the field are accessible by bicycle. Greening has been applied on all vehicle and pedestrian roads and urban spaces rich in green texture has been created.


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Construction Area: 2.000.000,00 M² Parcel Area: 1.000.000,00 M²

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