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GULBAGHI RESORT HOTEL  | Aslı Architecture
GULBAGHI RESORT HOTEL  | Aslı Architecture
GULBAGHI RESORT HOTEL  | Aslı Architecture


Designed Projects: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape, Infrastructure Projects, Ground Studies, Topography Studies, Ground Improvement Works

Project Stages: Concept Design, Construction Drawings & Details, Preparation Of Technical Specifications

Client: Pmd Projects Mmc

Within the scope of Gulbaghı Resort Hotel project, a hotel building, restaurant building, outdoor pool, aquapark and sunbathing areas, snack bar, pier, parking lots, technical building and security units were created. The hotel building consists of 173 rooms. In addition, an adventure park is proposed in the 48.500 m² forest area at the back of the hotel.

It is aimed to create a resort hotel complex that can be used in four seasons, where nature and sea holidays can be enjoyed together, with various activity opportunities during the holiday and where guests can stay in the region of Sutemurdov of Lankaran city of Azerbaijan, on the shore of the Caspian Sea where Lankaran stream flows into the Caspian.

Our starting point when starting the design was the special location of the project area and the existing natural structure of the area. Untouched trees, natural flora and coastline in the project area were the most influential factors for us designers. Our main goal was to design a hotel that would give the users the experience of vacationing in an untouched part of nature without damaging this natural structure.

During the design process, we positioned the hotel main structure and auxiliary functions in such a way that they can be integrated without disturbing the trees in the project area and the characteristic structure of the coastline.

We have positioned the building around the courtyards where the trees are, following a fragmented design approach with a fiction shaped around the trees in nature. We aimed to design a building compatible with the environmental flora by using natural materials in the building shell.

We also applied the magnificent nature traces in which the project area is located in the interior. In particular, we transformed these natural products into functional products indoors with minimal processing. This formed the basis of our Interior Architecture design setup.

The idea of transforming the large tree logs that had come ashore into interior design products and showing the traces of time in the space supported our design process.


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Construction Area: 29.000,00 M² Parcel Area: 44.830,00 M²

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