Aslı Architecture


In the independent research conducted by Forbes magazine on ongoing sales projects in İstanbul, Sinpaş Finans Şehir has been selected as the project that has the highest living standards and highest potential of return on investment.

There are lots of critical elements behind of the success of the project such as the story of the concept, a well-designed planning, clear briefing as well as the success of the starting point. A thorough analysis of needs, a clear definition of expectations, and a meticulous planning process are undoubtedly the biggest foundations of the project's success. During the planning and creation of the concept, we performed a rigorous and devoted work together with Şinpaş. A project that makes a difference with the concept of living both urban and neighborhood, which makes life feel warm and long-lasting, with the livable and functional areas, has emerged. The concept of the project was the most important and most striking feature that made the project worthwhile and made a difference. As Asli Architecture team, we realized a successful project concept expression in 7 steps:

1. While preparing the project, Istanbul was the center of life as a city that alive 24 hours. "Time" is the focus point of the Finans Şehir project. Because living in Istanbul is only as productive and beautiful as you can control "the time".  In this project, we tried to create “Time in Istanbul” concept in a way that we all dreamed of realizing life in Istanbul. A Time where people can live in the moment, but also using the time in the most efficient, ambitious, yet serene way.

Two different scales were taken into consideration when designing “Time”: "City scale" and "human scale"

The symbolic perception of Time was studied on the city scale. The clock that gives its name to the project is visible and perceived from various parts of the city. The architecture of the building is designed to highlight this symbolic feature. The heart of the Finans Şehir beats as long as the clock of the “Time” works.

We tried to differentiate the perception of Time on a city scale in all respects. Therefore, each facade has a different architectural appearance. Four different facades designed in the same concept communicates the city in different ways.

On the human scale, Time has a strong communication with the environment and people.

Activities, squares, shops, market, cafes, and restaurants are in contact with people. There are no walls in "Time" boundaries. There are so many places that support both the urban and the neighborhood concept, such as the local butcher, grocery store, and the market, instead of walls. It is a self-enclosed concept that can meet all the needs in itself but does not interfere with its environment with firewalls.

Transportation is completely pedestrianized. You can visit the shops, sit in cafes, shop from the market and enter your house as a pedestrian. However, you can park your car in your garage and walk into your apartment safely. Finance Square is the focal point of the social areas. Time Residence, Time Apartment, Time Shops, Time Office and Time Villages are the meeting points of the residents. This area which attracts and welcomes the residents is also a fascination point.

Villa Street was designed especially for the villa residents which is only in use for villa residents. It is a street where residents can safely drive or walk to their houses. Time has a strong neighbor relationship in addition to its high structure and different areas of usage. It has a strong communication with the Park. Time residents can use all the facilities and parking areas of the Park Phase with the Park Phase residents. Open library, gastronomy gardens, picnic area and pleasant places for families such as playgrounds were designed to be socialized.


2. Life never stops in Time. Time is all about living. Places designed where residents can find anything they need any time. You can start your day with a morning walk and complete with a nice dinner after walking around the bazaar.

3. The square at the Time stage is the main lobby of the project.  You can walk through the Time Office, apartments or Time Residence by using this square. These three units have their own security systems. Our aim was to slow down the time for you when you enter Time Residence from the main square lobby. From the moment you enter, you are in the nature theme we created.


All the materials of the calm and comfortable decoration, which supports the theme, were selected from natural materials. The entrance lobby was thought to be a hotel lobby. There is also a reception area for the visitors and residents of Time. Time residents have mail rooms where they can receive their mail. While you are waiting in the elevator hall designed with the same theme, you are in contact with Villa Street and the garden of the Park Phase.

Time residents can access to Villa Street and the garden of the Park Phase through the entrance lobby.

The project offers a customizable high-security technology. The floor halls of Time Residence are open only to the users who live on the related floor. Each user owns an entrance area and a technical station. Designing compatible with the concept of Time, these areas have special lightings, doorbells, door numbers, and hanger units.


It was developed special decoration solutions for electromechanical systems in accordance with the high building design criteria. These technical areas and devices became a part of the design of the structure. Thanks to the garbage chutes in the floor halls, the users can leave their garbage at any time without waiting.


It was paid special attention to the use of natural light in public areas, lobby and floor halls.

As in all common areas of the building, floor halls also receive natural light. In the common halls of Time,  it is provided interaction with the environment by natural light on each floor. There are no dark and deserted areas.


4. While designing Sinpaş Time, we made appropriate choices for the urban concept in our material selection. Even though Time Residence is a high building, you don't have the feeling of loneliness and cold. We can say that Time is the warm and friendly form of the city. We chose warm and friendly materials. All materials used in the Time Residence facade are qualified and suitable with the criteria of a high-rise building. We used the materials which passed the analyze of fire, wind, an earthquake.

The external mass of Time is dynamic and four sides of the building have a different design.

It was used different materials on all four sides of the building to support this different concept.

When these different materials come together, it comprises the warm and sincere atmosphere of Time.

5. Karma Use: We designed the Time as the Down Town of the Finans Şehir.  

Down Town has the potential to serve both the Finance City project and many housing projects around it. Houses, offices, shops, villas, and social areas ... It was designed independent units of all functions as a compact, high qualified units with a maximum usable space.

Time Residence offers different types of residences for different housing users. 1 + 0,1 + 1,2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options adapting to the dynamic structure of the city and taking these options on each floor offer a wide range of options to users. 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 all typologies were created while real sized furniture was furnished. All spaces are designed to be suitable for use. Each room has natural light and natural air circulation. Time Apartments are designed for 1 + 1 users and have an attitude that embraces the square with its low-rise architecture. Time Office is another building which was adapted to the dynamic structure of the city with its architecture and function.

Time Office is a special office structure. The most important reason for being special is that it brings the concept of neighborhood in the office to the forefront.

There are two large courtyards inside the office.  Both are designed for the common usage of Office users. One of these courtyards has the potential to support collaborative work and networking such as hubs, shared meeting tables, seating areas, and amphitheater area. It was designed the courtyard with a garden concept. It is aimed to strengthen office neighborhood relations where also natural plants can grow in natural light with a glass roof.

Time Office is designed with an infrastructure to serve different types of work ranging from single office use to corporate office use. There are lobbies, Kitchenette, Terraces and WC's on each floor.  On some floors, hubs and seating areas are designed overlooking the gallery and courtyards. All office units receive natural light and provide natural air circulation. Even the smallest office units are available for any furniture with a suitable size. 


6. Time Residence users can use the garden of the Park Phase where they can find an open-air library, hobby gardens, and playgrounds.

7. Project appeals to both users and investors  thanks to its location, the comfort, social facilities, reliable and high-quality manufacturing